Sunday, July 17, 2011

welcome holiday !

i feel like . . awesome ! midterm break , everyone like it right ? and also feel like damn shit .
all because of i got million homeworks . cewaahhh tak yah nak million sgt la kan .
uwaaa how can i finish all of it ? management's assignment yang satu ape pon tak start lagi ,
account yang agak pening , business math past year question i need to complete ,
yaa as test coming soon , bel pulak , essay (i dont have any idea yet) , okey thats all .
ouhh ya ptptn tak settle lagi , i-learn . . . i'm gonna die -.-
but forget it for a while . now i wanna enjoy my 1 week holiday .
someone who can  be my company ? i want to hangout to klcc and ts !
nak shopping sikit meyh . and snap snap . dah lama tak snap haihh kuciwa .
haa ! I dont know where is my phone . gone already . .
yolah nobody wants to text me . single mcm ney lah . never mind i can face it .
hey YOU , i'm waiting for you . always :)
 okey dah start merepek . better stop . kbye.

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