Friday, July 15, 2011

i want you , can you understand me ? :(

what do u feel when someone that u extremely admire ,
just ignore u or never give any response to u ?
u still wish that he will like to know u but nothing happen
then u cry + annoyed + jealous without any persuasion ?
that same goes to me . absolutely .  haihh tired already .
always think about him yang mcm 50-50 je he will reply me but still hoping .
okey this is crazy and stupido ever -.- . wanna know who he is ?
for sure i can't tell u . but the clue is he's a student at UiTM Alor Gajah ,
yaa same place with me . dont know la why i just want him ?
whereas banyak lagi kan choice . lelaki bukan sorang .
but for me , a guy who has everything that i want is only HIM . cewah mengada right ? heee .
yes i'm blind , who cares ? dia charming lahh hadui tak bole stop admire dia . 
tu lah yang buat aku tension . tension sebab benda yang ntah pape ney .
uurrgghhhh whatever . . . boys please out of my mind . korang susah nak dipercayai .
but true love please come closer to me . i really need u :(

God please give me strength . i don't wanna be like this
*tears down my cheek . kbye


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