Sunday, March 11, 2012


First of all i want to say sorry to all of you guys because i need to focus
on my study since i have a super big day which called FINAL EXAMINATION .
i can't tell how scary it is ! i'm not fully ready doee how can i get for a dean list AGAIN ? ! ?
yes i've only 6 subjects for this semester . but not as easy as A for Apple B for Ball dudezz -,-
and one more thing ,  i have to go to Dewan Taming Sari wehh it's so far and like, hiking T_T
just for taking the examination . hmm okayy no pain no gain . . yeah i knoww :3
kayy this is my examination timetable . REMIND !


BEL260 : 15/3 9am -12pm
CTU151 : 16/3 2.45pm - 4.45pm
ECO162  :19/3 9am -12pm
MKT243 : 24/3 9am -12pm
ACC116 : 27/3 9am -12pm

. T H A T ' S   A L L .