Tuesday, May 10, 2011

great day :)

damn happy lah lepak with yatie , wawa , fara , shue , and ekin yesterday !
actually kitorang takde tujuan pon . tak tawu nak pegi mana .
firstly memang shock la dorang dtg rumah aku .
at the same time aku baru lepas mandi . awesome lah knn -.-
haha . then lepak at living room . i don't know what that we talk about . then gelak mcm apee =D
gosip punye gosip then we decide to go to 'lombong' and maen batu . sangat gila punya idea .
haha then we go to yatie's house . the motive is to play at the playground but err . . broke down .
so , snap snap aje lah . see our freaky face ;p

(:  beautiful memories  :)

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