Saturday, June 18, 2011

audition =)

haha finally i'm done ! the singing audition for kelab kebudayaan uitm finished .
but urghh i'm so tired ! from the morning , i had class n then practice my voice again n again .
i shouted to ensure my voice tone is good , drink a lot of water . .
then ishh u know what , mcm tak guna minom air banyak . class jaoh n i need to run everyday .
td dah smpai kt tempat audition then kne patah balik to my room
coz my turn number tertinggal =_____="
n haa , at the same time ade induction for my faculty .
under club d'bankers . haiyaa kne pkai bj putih then tudung uitm .
nseb baek tudung chantek n senior baik . then tiba aa mse for my audition . at 9.00p.m .
keluar dewan aje jumpe akk manager tu , she said my turn dah lepas -.- my God terkejut bhaii .
but she said i can still do the audition . i duduk kt tempat duduk yg mcm batu tu .
after a few minute my number was called . brdiri lah kt depan stage tu .
akk n abg tu kata i comel . sebab i kecik lah tu right . then i introduced myself n started to sing .
guess what , suddenly the jury request another 3 song for me to sing .
firstly nak nyanyi 1 lagu aje . just unfaithful song by rihanna .
then kne nyanyi lagu melayu , lagu alyah, then lagu traditional , awallah dondang ,
n the last was nirmala . bukan lah nak bangga or whatever else but banyaknye . . haiyoo . .
nvm , nobody laughing me . hehe . hope they accept me ! =)

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