Monday, January 10, 2011

bored monday

Sucks ! i'm really bored today . I am really tired today. from this morning I woke up and immediately I opened my laptop. that the first thing I do. haha. at about 8.00 am then I realized I was hungry. time for breakfast! About 12:00 pm I just go take a bath. it's really bad. I remembered something that happened between me and my boyfriend last night. it is really annoying but funny. haha . he dont know i'm not in mood that time . it's all about this blog lah . why this blog had too many function ? arrgghhh ! want or not , i need to know it . hmm , guys i had a great memories last week when i sleep over at my house sitter . all sorts of places i had to go and many things i have bought. it was great fun . in fact, i  was able to celebrate the new year in Icity, Shah Alam. on January 1, i had the opportunity  to watch the show model of the world who come to Malaysia named Miss International Tourism show . it's really exciting and my heart suddenly said to be like them ! hee... but i know i can't be like them . so , enough for today . later i will update this blog with a newest story to you :)

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